-Desrine Henry-Samuels

Author: Brock Immigration Services Inc. |

LMIA Work Permit Canada

I deliberately chose this medium to highlight Brock Immigration Services Inc. In times like these, when they are so many immigration agencies, persons are to be sure which one to retain to handle such an essential business, which could cause them to loose out on their dreams in Canada or to have their dreams come through in Canada. My dream of studying in Canada came through when Brock Immigration, professionally handled my Study Permit and Family Sponsorship applications. The major things they did to my file, and the minor things they did, all added up, which inevitably caused IRCC to have approved my application. In other words, I am convinced that Brock Immigration has the know-how, in causing IRCC to stamp “APPROVED” on your application. Good customer service, coupled with team work, are key in any business, and one needs to experience those from Brock Immigration - the friendly, professional and going-beyond-the-call-of-duty attitude. THANK YOU VERY, VERY MUCH BROCK IMMIGRATION SERVICES INC. You have made a life-long positive impact on my life!!!