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Business and Investor

There are various ‘Business and Investor’ immigration categories available to Foreign Nationals.

Generally speaking, persons applying under such categories are required to demonstrate their business experience as it relates to the specific Business Class under which they are applying. In addition, they would need to have enough funds to finance their initial stay plus any business investments/expenses required under the specific class, as well as meet language requirements in English or French.

Over the years, there have been many Federal and Provincial programs available for Business Investors however many have been terminated, and new ones have spawned. It is important to speak with our trained and informed consultants about existing programs available today.

Federal Programs:

Most recently, i.e. as of the date of this publication here, there are two programs available under the Federal Business program, and they are as follows:

  • Self-Employed (includes Cultural Activities, Athletes, Farm Management); To qualify, the applicant requires to have two years of relevant experience and show intent to become self-employed in Canada. The applicant is also required to score at least 35 points on a selection grid designed to determine the person’s ability to make an economic contribution to Canada.
  • Start-Up Visa; There are a limited number of applications taken under this program. Applicants under this Federal program require a commitment from a designated Canadian Angel Investor, designated Venture Capital Fund, or designated Business Incubator. Applicants also require minimum language ability, a minimum of 1 year post-secondary education, have sufficient settlement funds, and have the commitment of a designated Angel investor(s), a designated Venture Capital Fund(s) or a designated Business Incubator(s).

Other Federal programs have been terminated or reached their quotas and are not accepting new applications at this time.  Such programs that are no longer available are the Immigrant Investor Venture Capital Pilot Program, Entrepreneur Program, and others.

It is important to obtain up-to-date information on available programs and their requirements before deciding which program is best for the Business Investor applicant.

Provincial Programs

Presently there are many provincially nominated or administered programs available for Business Investors. Each province or territory has its own eligibility criteria under its specific pathway. The requirements of a Business Investor applicant under a Provincial Nomination would typically include experience, net worth, intent to live in province, involvement in proposed business project, start-up and investment funds, age, and management skills.
It is central to a Provincial Nomination that the applicant shows intent to live in the Province or Territory in which they are applying for a Provincial Nomination. This intent serves as part of the basis of the application and without having and demonstrating this intent the application will be refused.
Like the Federal Programs, these Provincial Programs can change without notice and it is important to work with an experienced consultant on the most current requirements.

If you plan to settle in Quebec as a business immigrant, you must first apply to the Government of Quebec for a Selection Certificate and can then apply to the Federal Government of Canada for Permanent Residence.

Speak with our consultants on the current programs and what is required under each Provincial Nominated Program.