Humanitarian & Compassionate Considerations

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Appeals, Humanitarian & Companionate Appeals, Admissibility hearings, Detentions

Canada’s Immigration system allows for the consideration of applications made by Foreign Nationals and/or refugees based on Humanitarian and Companionate grounds.

This form of application can be considered to overcome non-conformance to the existing immigration act or regulations, and decisions on H&C applications are delegated to ICCRC/PRRA Officers, Directors of Case Review, or the IRCC Minister.

Typically, H&C applications considerations are highly discretionary and are approved for highly deserving cases only.  These considerations are meant as exceptional measures and not alternate measures to applying for Permanent Residency or immigration to Canada.

The basis of H&C considerations is that there needs to be ‘unusual and undeserved hardship’ for the applicant, especially taking into account the best interests of any child involved that is directly affected by a refusal or negative immigration decision.

Each case is unique in its circumstances and it is important to enlist the services of an experienced Immigration Consultant with experience in H&C applications specifically to properly and effectively prepare an application or appeal.

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